Does Italian food good for your health?


I like Italian food-pasta thing a lot, but I cannot make it good taste, so I have to always buy it. I feel that its bad for my health coz it contains of lots of carbohydrate, it can make me fat at lease. But my bf said that it is one of the healthy food and I should eat it as often as I can, so can you give me idea, is it really good?




its just as fattening as Mexican food. but it taste good.


no, they arent. cause they contain a lot of wheat and wheat is not healthy.


Yes. The tomato sauces are good for Prostate health.


for the most part, yes. italian food are composed of the freshest ingredients, particularly pasta with tomato or sauces with sun-dried tomato paste, olive oil and garlic. They rarely use cheddar cheese or fatty sauces, and Italians steer clear of deep-fried food. Italians also use olive oil rather than butter.

Anything will make you fat if you eat too much of it.
Just take it in moderation and you will do fine.


I’m Italian and I can say that you could eat 110 gr of pasta every day AT LUNCH, as you say carbohydrates make one fat, that’s because you don’t use that energy after dinner as you would in the afternoon, so have just meat and fresh vegetables for dinner. There are a lot of sauces you can make, like “ragù”, that is just veal meat cooked with fresh tomato sauce and chopped celery and onion… or you can use sour cream and salmon, or whatever you want. Don’t worry about you buying pasta, a very few people in Italy makes its own pasta starting from flour, eggs and salt, we just buy it ready to be put in boiling water. But it tastes good if you make your own favorite sauce. Delizioso! Hope I’ve helped you somehow!

I add this: an american friend of mine told me once that she usually kept pasta in boiling water for 20-30 minutes, she did wrong because pasta just need a few minutes, dependind on the kind and on the dimensions: for example, spaghetti n.3, very thin, needs just 3 minutes, but other kinds, like tortiglioni, may need even 11 minutes. The longer they stay in the water, the worse they become, they become some sort of a glue.


Italian food is excellent for your health, but you have to be careful which kinds since there’s so much variation. Also, remember Italians eat pasta but they do it differently than Americans. They might have it with all meals, but the amount is smaller, followed by something like a meat and then a salad. Usually doesn’t have heaps of sauce, just enough for the proper taste.

Domy di Carly

Italian food is considered one of the more healthy. Just don’t abuse the pasta and eat pasta only at dinner. Italian food is very tasty :-)

Teo -NoRacism-

Italian food isn’t only pasta!
we have a very various ingredients and we prefers the “fresh” food, not McDonald! ha ha ha
To make you fat isn’t the pasta (bad pasta in usa…) but the wrong sauce. ciao!

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