How would you describe the difference in Italian Italian food?


and American Italian food to an American who has never had the real deal?

I have had both, but I’m struggling to come up with the right verbiage.

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italian italian was redefined by americans to suit american taste buds. for example, “hold off on so much garlic.”


In one word, simplicity.

E.g. the pizza in italy, although made with seemingly fresh dough and tomato sauce (made from reduced tomato pure) has a minimal topping. Some pizza places pile on the topping in non Italian restaurants, but minimal is the key in Italy.

Also I had a spaghetti which comprised of premade standard spaghetti, and chopped chilli with diced garlic in olive oil. It had 4 ingredients ( but you add authentic parmisan) and was delicious – I make it frequently.

Hence, Italian for me is simple food.

Adam D

American’s like their pasta drowning in sauce. Italians like just a little sauce with fresh pasta so that they taste the pasta, not just sauce.

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Authentic italian food: fresh mediterranean ingredients (for example: fresh tomatoes, fresh courgettes, fresh artchokes), traditional way to cook (grandmother-style deals), a huge variety of cuisines around the country.

Italian American food: it’s a fake. Not traditional cuisine, not fresh ingredients, not true and authentic recipes.

Result: the taste is totally different…

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