Most Popular Sporting Events Hosted by the ICC

When you decide to attend an event that is hosted by the ICC, you still have plenty of choices as to what sport you attend. Their most popular sport is football, but they also dabble in many other sports, such as rugby and cricket. So, once you decide a game hosted by the ICC is right for you, you need to know about which game you want to choose.

Rugby Games

Rugby is an exciting sport that is a lot like the American sport football. Two teams of either 13 or 15 people face off during two forty minute halves of the game to score the most points. To watch these men and women face off is certainly a sight to behold, and you will be on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the winning point. After the winning point is scored, you will either celebrate a win with your favorite team, or mourn the loss, but either way, Rugby is a very exciting sport to watch, and a great game for the best game day.


In cricket, two teams of eleven face off in an attempt to score more runs than the other team can. One team will start out batting while the other team plays the field. The two teams switch when either ten of the eleven team members are dismissed or when there has been a fixed number of overs. The teams switch and do it all over again until they reach the same end. After that happens, runs are tallied up and whichever team had the most runs wins the game.

Asia Football

One of the biggest games for the ICC is Asia Football. The football games are the games people wait all year for, and tickets are usually sold out completely. During a football game, two teams do their absolute best to score more goals than the other team. They also have to avoid penalty calls from the referee. Football is all around one of those games you cannot be excited during, cheering for your team and helping to drive them to the winning goal.

So if you and your family or friends have decided you want to attend an exciting action packed game, the ICC hosts what you’re looking for. If you want to see tackles, batting, or kicking, the ICC has it. So buy your tickets and get ready for your exciting game day in the near future.

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